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xKakahiex and I have run into alot of trouble and hit a rocky road with the server. With our time being consumed by school, University, and the military, we have not had enough time to work on the server as we would like. If any trusted members who still play on the server are confident enough with managing in game issues such as players we would love to promote you but as it stands our server is not self sustaining, costing too much money, and is requiring too much time from us owners. I do not want to come off as lazy and nick and I are whole heartedly dedicated to the well being of this server but real life issues and our jobs and education are more important sadly. Please contact me on either a private message on this website or message me in the servers teamspeak3 server so we may talk about your new found duties and responsibilities. Thank you in advance for your help and support. 

Although our player base is slowly growing we are making great progress in the technical side of the server. With multiple custom plugins in the works by our dedicated team of devs and our existing plugins being fixed to optimal performance things on that side of things are going greatly. Sadly our server is moving slowly in player size due to lack of marketing. With buying ad space being largely obsolete, and not to mention expensive, we are really relying on our players and possibly the help of as many you-tubers as we can grab to help us advance in player base and help us progress into our server rightful place. We would like to thank all those who have helped us out so much, namely the faction of Rhun. Without your great feedback and support this server could not have made it how far it has come. So thank you, player, for helping us out so much and we hope to see you stay with us! 

Hello, and welcome to our website! We currently have a Dayz Standalone server, and a Minecraft server which will be released within the next few hours!

DarkWaters is a quint community filled with helpful staff, dedicated members, and an overall great sense of belonging. Through our server and our Teamspeak we will do all that we can to make you feel like you are one of us and are exactly where you should be. Our faction server returns to the traditions of Minecraft PvP. If you are interested in having fun server side battles between armies and having a good time with friends, old and new, then DarkWaters is the server for you!

DarkWaters has a Java Developer who will make us any plugins we choose! If you've got some cool plugin ideas, be sure to post them in the forums.

DarkWaters Minecraft plugins :

If you'd like to Donate to help increase the size and quality of our Community, click "Donation Shop" to see the rewards!

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